Generally, this server only stores what every other web server logs: IP address and name of the page requested. For some of our services, in particular the Enhanced NCI Database Browser, the Chemical Structure Lookup Service, OSRA and the Chemical Identifier Resolver, we also log the structures submitted and the queries entered (both structures/substructures, if used, and fields and field linking). These latter logs are kept only to allow us to evaluate and improve the services. These two log files are not, and cannot be, cross-referenced since they do not contain data that would allow such mutual cross-referencing.

Simply speaking, we are not at all interested in knowing who conducts what kind of searches on this server, or submits what kind of structures etc. Even if we could obtain such data, none of us has any interest or time to do anything with them.

M. C. Nicklaus

Last Update: 2017-10-16