Tautomer Structures Extracted from Experimental Literature

Release 1 |

Release 1 (beta) - October 2017

1,925 Tautomeric Tuples Comprising 4,229 Structures

A spreadsheet (.xlsx file) with 4,229 structures extracted from experimental literature representing 1,925 cases of tautomeric tuples (mostly tautomer pairs but also a few triples and higher-order tuples). All structures have been annotated with experimental conditions, structure identifiers, bibliographic references and other (hopefully) useful data. The structures and experiment-related data were extracted from a total of 84 publications, many of them reviews reporting on multiple primary studies.
Note: This is still a beta version. More explanations and edits/fixes will be added to the spreadsheet soon. Feel free to report issues you find.

4,229 structures in .xlsx format. File size: approx. 1 MB


M. C. Nicklaus and team

Last Update: 2017-12-18